Why Visit?

As the most professional, fashionable and influential jewellery fair in East China, Shanghai Jewellery Fair 2018 brought together over 400 jewellery companies and designers from around the world to create an eligible business platform for jewellery traders. 


Crossover · Shining Your Life


Integrating UBM’s exhibition resources and cooperating with designers in five fields (Jewellery, Beauty, Fitness, Home life and Fashion) to launch “Crossover · Shining Your Life”. Thoughts and ideas on how to develop “crossover marketing” will be thoroughly discussed.


Jewellery Life Pavilion 2.0


Enjoying a good reputation, Jewellery Life Pavilion 2.0 returns by providing examples of how to conduct marketing across industries for the jewellery market.


Designer Pavilion


Gather professional designers from home and abroad, showcase high-quality designer resources on the international stage, and display pieces of jewellery with rich, new designs. Many designers will come to exchange ideas to further inspire the jewellery market so that it could become more forward-looking.


Chinese Culture Pavilion


Explore the connection between the characteristics of jewellery and the five Chinese elements and related products will be exhibited at corresponding themed booths, featuring the five elements: metal, wood, water, fire and earth, allowing buyers to more easily look for the products they desire.


Seminars and Prime Forums


During the exhibition, hear and know more about the industry, such as a series of hot spots and new industry trends, launching of first-line jewellery brands and the development of crossover fashion. Leading pioneers in the industry will be invited to discuss relevant issues that could further develop the industry.