Alex Wong


Having been working in the industry for thirteen years, Alex Wong has been involved in design and sketch. He is currently engaged in administration and production management in a domestic jewelry factory. Alex has rigorous requirements on his works, pursuing flawlessness of each gemstone, accessory and detail. The works of Alex has won the Best of Show Award of the Open Group and the Craftsmanship and Technology Award in 2018 19th Hong Kong Jewellery Design Competition. In 2019, he was invited to take part in International Jewellery Design Excellence (IJDE) Award and finally won the Distinction Award. Recently, most of the works of Alex uses alexandrite which is one of the rare gemstones in that can implement color change. Alexandrite can appear in different colors under sunlight and tungsten lamp which is highly scarce. (The alexandrite of the company comes from Brazilian mine field which is one of the mine fields that abound in alexandrite.)