New Group, New Theme, New Expectation


In June 2018, UBM combined with Informa PLC to create a leading B2B Information Services Group. From today onwards, the China International Gold, Jewellery and Gem Fair - Shanghai (Shanghai Jewellery Fair) is organised by Informa Markets, a division of Informa PLC. With abundant cross-border resources under the Informa Markets umbrella, Shanghai Jewellery Fair will strike a pose on the stage with its new theme “Jewellery Seasons China”, becoming an inferential platform to release global brands and new products, foster and incubate a new generation of designers, foresee fashion and cross-over trends, and lead a cutting-edge quality lifestyle.



Fair Highlights




New Launch Season


Featuring the fashionable, creative and modern city of Shanghai, Informa Markets aims to innovatively integrate fashion resources across different industries, work with selected and highly recognised jewellery brands or arising brands with distinguishing features, and hold hands with fashion icons to unveil the latest and most distinct jewellery product collections on stage through jewellery parades, conferences or more. The media, fashion buyers, jewellery traders and lovers, fashionistas and high-end consumers will surely be engaged to spot the trend.






Jewellery Investment Season


Shanghai boasts a thriving economy and flourishing investment market. Shanghai Jewellery Fair plans to cooperate with leading promotion agencies of precious materials such as gold, coloured gems, jade and others, as well as jewellery-related investment institutes in the city to organise informative seminars and forums for those who wish to grow in wealth by investing and collecting jewellery.









Jewellery Lifestyle Season


Shanghai is a stylish city, with profound artistic features. "Jewellery Seasons China" will innovate and lead the trend of jewellery lifestyle by integrating art, fashion and lifestyle elements. Mainstream business platforms and artistic institutes will be invited to build a pavilion composed of lifestyle-related highlights, such as jewellery, clothing, handbags, leather, cosmetics, home furnishings, cashmere, painting, artworks and others.


Jewellery Shopping Season


Local and international jewellery designers, brands and design institutes will be invited to grace the event and deliver the unique beauty of jewellery to visitors in eastern China. Apart from working closely with the local communities and professional organisations, seminars on jewellery collocation and gathering for jewellery appreciation will also be organised to boost jewellery sales.