New attitude for jewellery crossover

Deeply Integrate into a High-quality Life —— New Attitude for Jewellery Crossover


With expertise in the exhibition industry for many years, UBM Asia takes bold measures in innovation and reform. Considering the changing needs of the market, UBM’s Shanghai Jewellery Fair 2018 will work with Shanghai International Brand Jewelry Center, which is full of vigour and vitality, to initiate cross-boundary thinking and boost jewellery lifestyle. Resources of fashion-related exhibition platforms under the UBM umbrella will be integrated to seek new B2B crossover perspectives for jewellery enterprises. Shanghai International Brand Jewelry Center, a solid partner of this programme, is dedicated to creating an international and personalised jewellery appreciation and procurement centre, as well as building up exquisite life for ladies of quality in Shanghai, which perfectly coincides with the theme.




Shanghai International Brand Jewelry Center,

full of vigour and vitality




  • One-stop Jewellery destination from all over the world.



  • Convenient transportation and easy access to information.



  • Integrity management of the International Jewelry Trading Center, a consumer-friendly shopping platform.





Countless business opportunities in a pleasant environment. With full promotion of the "Belt and Road Initiative” and the 1st 2018 China International Import Expo to be hosted in Shanghai, Shanghai International Brand Jewelry Center, the place where global jewellery cultural artworks are gathered, has emerged at the right moment. It will surely become the leading indicator of the world’s top-class jewellery consumption market, the “treasure basin” of the jewellery market worldwide.





In 2018, holding hands with Shanghai International Brand Jewelry Center, Shanghai Jewellery Fair plans to invite designers in five major fields, including core cooperation with jewellery designers, to carry out cross-border collaboration. It’s not only a pleasing combination of people, makeup, clothes, jewellery and scenery, but also a perfect integration of fashion and classic elements, highlighting the enjoyable lifestyle of Shanghai’s exquisite lady in the city. In addition, we will dig out cross-over resources behind the scene and encourage brainstorming for more business opportunities. We will explore the cross-border development path for the jewellery industry from the perspective of business data, channel resources, brand integration and spatial integration. The whole programme is well under way and will be unveiled with traders during the China International Gold, Jewellery & Gem Fair Shanghai 2018 on 7-10 December.



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